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May 31st, 2013

The Impact and Importance of Brand Adoption by Sales Reps and Managers


The Impact and Importance of Brand Adoption by Sales Reps and Managers

You may recall the research I presented a few weeks ago from the market research firm BuyerSphere that states the top two sources of information for executive level buyers are the web and word of mouth. This suggests that executive level buyers are turning toward brand influenced engines for the information they desire.

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May 29th, 2013

Sales Reps and Managers Tell us What they Really Think of Your Content Marketing Strategy!


Sales Reps and Managers tell us what they Really Think of Your Content Marketing Strategy!  

In the era of online research and lead generation, content creation and optimization now play a crucial role for B2B marketers to drive traffic and leads and elevate the perception of a brand as a thought leader. In this age of the empowered buyer, there is no question about the importance of being found when the buyer searches, and being perceived as a leader with whom they want to work.

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May 24th, 2013

Cross Selling Tips to Follow & Traps to Avoid


Companies want their reps to know how to cross sell more to their existing customer base.  For many sales reps, the thought of selling that one little extra or next big thing is very enticing.  Your quota went up 10% this year, great!  Just cross sell a little bit more and you’ll be fine, right?  If it were only that easy!

We started building out our list of why reps struggle to cross sell. Please let us know if you have any to add.  These cross selling tips should help you get started mastering the art of the cross sell!

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May 22nd, 2013

Top 10 Disruptive Sales Technologies


Top 10 Disruptive Sales Technologies

Cloud computing has given us “software as a service,” disrupting the previous business model of selling suites of software to be installed on individual computers or network servers. The cloud has disrupted the market for storage. And if you even remember the once-ubiquitous floppy, is it the 3.5-inch, the older 5.25-inch, or the original 8-inch disk that once littered your desk?

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May 20th, 2013

Leaders Leading Change: How to Hold Each Other Accountable to Follow Through


Leaders Leading Change: How to Hold Each Other Accountable to Follow Through

“To be accountable means that we are willing to be responsible to another person for our behavior and it implies a level of submission to another’s opinions and viewpoints.”  — Wayde Goodall

As a reminder, here is what we have covered so far and what we’ll cover here in our series on Five Essential Elements of an Effective Change Leadership Program:

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