October 2nd, 2013

Video Blog: Custom Sales Training: Why is it Important?


Video Blog – Custom Sales Training: Why is it Important?

Changing behavior within an organization is a continuous learning process that requires alignment and support for the sales reps. In order to sustain the change, sales leaders must build a bridge for reps to learn the new skills and behaviors. In this video, Andrea Grodnitzky, Senior Vice President, of Richardson’s Global Performance Solutions, offers advice about the importance of developing custom sales training and how to leverage it to help  sales reps learn, practice, and apply changing behaviors within an organization.

Custom Sales Training

Every company has a unique finger print and At Richardson, we believe that custom sales training solutions drive behavioral change. Through customization we are able to capture and share your knowledge and best practices across your custom-sales-trainingsales team and reinforce your strategy.  We leverage our proprietary customization process to ensure our solutions support your objectives and have maximum impact on improving performance.  Our customizing process minimizes the time needed from your professionals and allows for a consistent methodology to be deployed across audiences while the application is completely relevant to their specific situations and challenging to the learner.

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About The Author: Andrea R. Grodnitzky

As Richardson’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andrea is responsible for demand generation and value creation through strategic marketing, brand awareness, digital optimization, product launch initiatives, and market-facing thought leadership to drive sustained, organic growth. With a passion for sales and customer-centric activity, Andrea and her team work to inspire customers across the engagement lifecycle and support them in their journey to market leadership by delivering fresh perspectives to their sales challenges.

Andrea R. Grodnitzky

One Response to “Video Blog: Custom Sales Training: Why is it Important?”

  1. October 08, 2013 at 3:54 am, Zac Pagin said:

    Hi Andrea,
    I agree video media plays a critical role in today’s business world, more so in the field of marketing. As a new Marketing Professional I am seriously camera shy and Im sure practice would help. During my job hunt, I have tried making video resumes and did not even dare watch myself over again (P.S. The recruitment agency must agree so, they did not contact me back). My question is, are there people like me and can I be more convincing and attract attention with my video? If so, how? I would definitely use your expert advice and help grow my professional life. Thanks a lot.


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