October 18th, 2013

Tell your ValueStory!

Tell your ValueStory!

The fall seems to be flying by and it is already time to announce the October Richy. This month’s Richy goes to Alinean’s ValueStory™.

ValueStory™ is an interactive selling platform that communicates and quantifies the value of your solutions to buyers. The program includes sales methodology and value message consulting services, tool customization, SaaS licensing, and skills training. We liked the product so much, Richardson recently partnered with Alinean to improve sales force effectiveness, providing sales teams with the right content, capability, and credibility to deliver personalized value messaging and the right financial justification to each decision stakeholder.



Click above to view ValueStory Demo

ValueStory™ is designed to get purchase decisions moving faster from “Do Nothing” to “Yes,” with less discounting and with higher win rates. Beyond that, here’s why our team thinks ValueStory™ deserves a Richy:

  • Personalized Buyer Interactions — Recommends the right value messages based on client information and profile, roles, and challenges. Divvies up the right parts of your story to deliver the right amount of value, increasing your sales effectiveness.
  • Easy to Use and Create — Allows the team to quickly create value-selling and marketing tools from the bottom up with pre-made templates and default metrics. You also have the ability to freely roam between chapters of your value story, making it easy to jump to what interests your client or prospect.
  • Prioritizes Your Proposal — Quantifies the benefits of your solution against the “Cost of Doing Nothing,” allowing your prospect to easily see the true value in your solution.
  • Have it Your Way — Being that this is your story, you have a variety of options to personalize it and communicate your value proposition the way you want to, with drawings, graphics, animations, and more.
  • Mobile Convenience — Tablet fever is in full effect, with 59% of sales organizations currently implementing a company-sponsored initiative to assess and deploy tablets for their sales force. Your team can access ValueStory™ at any time on a desktop or a tablet — whichever is most convenient for you.
  • Provocative Engagement — with personalized detail, compelling and credible analysis, and an interactive framework, ValueStory™ supports a provocative engagement style between you and your client or prospect.

Congratulations to Alinean’s ValueStory™ on being awarded this month’s Richy. To view a demo of ValueStory tool, click here.

Do you have a great product that will improve sales effectiveness and want to be considered for a Richy? Just e-mail us at info@richardson.com and tell us your story.


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