December 18th, 2013

Consultative Negotiations: What Roles can a Senior Play in Negotiations?


Consultative Negotiations: What Roles can a Senior Play in Negotiations?

Negotiations tend to be high-stress and emotional situations for sales reps who are heavily invested in closing the deal. A senior leader plays an important role in the process, acting as an objective player who can help the client to further understand the value of the deal and can acknowledge their needs from an alternate perspective. Join David DiStefano, President and CEO of Richardson, as he shares some of his best executive practices for participating in and improving the environment of negotiations.

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consultative-negotiations-trainingRichardson’s Consultative Negotiations sales training programs provides participants with a consistent process to achieve win-win negotiations that preserve profit while building effective, long-term relationships. The program covers every facet of a negotiation, from preparation, to controlling the opening and counter-opening, converting demands to needs, justifying value, trading concessions, and effectively closing. To learn more about Richardson’s Consultative Negotiations program, please click here.

About The Author: David J. DiStefano

David DiStefano is a seasoned executive with nearly three decades of successful senior management experience with both early-stage and global organizations. Over his career David has managed finance, operations, sales, and demand generation functions. For the last 17 years, David has been instrumental in leading Richardson to its place as a premier global sales performance organization.

David J. DiStefano

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