December 20th, 2013

How can sales reps prepare for resistance from a client?

Sales Reps

How can sales reps prepare for resistance from a client?

Clients are likely to challenge a sales rep in order to test their credibility and knowledge of the subject matter. In anticipation of resistance, sales reps should be thinking about the prospect or client and trying to turn a piece of data into a relevant insight. Without that connection, the information provides no value to the customer. In this video, David DiStefano, President and CEO of Richardson, discusses which resources sales reps should be leveraging to successfully navigate resistance from a client and offers advice to reps about when to seek additional help.

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About The Author: David J. DiStefano

David DiStefano is a seasoned executive with nearly three decades of successful senior management experience with both early-stage and global organizations. Over his career David has managed finance, operations, sales, and demand generation functions. For the last 17 years, David has been instrumental in leading Richardson to its place as a premier global sales performance organization.

David J. DiStefano

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