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May 5th, 2015

How to Overcome Objections in Sales


How to Overcome Sales Objections

Every sales professional in every corner of the world hears “no” or words to that effect — all the time.

“No” can come on the phone, before you’ve ever met the person, or while you’re shaking that person’s hand. Getting past “no” and learning how to overcome objections in sales is an important skill for sellers that must continually be practiced.

In sales training sessions on overcoming objections in sales, I always ask participants how they feel when someone resists or turns them down. I guide the conversation toward recognizing the opportunity in what seems like a rejection.

Some people are naturals at overcoming objections in sales; the rest of us benefit from practicing a step-by-step, client-focused model.

4 Steps to Overcome Objections in Sales Using a Client Focused Model

The best way to overcome objections is to understand the underlying concern. An effective process for doing this involves the following skills:

STEP 1: Relating — Acknowledge or Empathize By making a statement of acknowledgment or empathy, you let the client or prospect know his/her concerns have been heard. Both your tone of voice and your words should be appropriate and genuine, and avoid any signs of defensiveness or frustration. This helps to reduce negativity and helps you connect with the client.

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May 1st, 2015

Five Tips on Using a C-Level Executive in a Sales Meeting

C-Suite Executive is Sales

Richardson’s own Senior Facilitator and frequent blogger, Michael Dalis, is currently featured on the HubSpot Sales Blog. Michael’s post is entitled 5 Tips on How to Use a C-Level Executive in a Sales Meeting and can be viewed by clicking here.

In this blog post, Michael presents five practical tips for leveraging a C-level executives in an effective sales call, pitch, or client meeting. He shows how using this vital resource can give you and your sales team the extra boost needed to push you into the winner’s circle. We hope you enjoy!

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