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January 30th, 2018

Moving Mount Fuji: The Biggest Challenge Facing Sales Professionals in 2018

biggest sales challenges 2018

During the tech boom of the 1990s Fortune 500 companies and behemoths of Silicone Valley were famous for challenging interviewees with puzzle questions. The candidate might be faced with a brain teaser like “how many times a day do a clock’s hands overlap,” or, “why are manhole covers round?” The most infamous of these questions was “how would you move Mount Fuji?”

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January 25th, 2018

How SaaS Sales Professionals Can Prepare for Success

SaaS sales tips

More businesses today are moving to SaaS. Implementation is fast, systems are agile, and updates are less burdensome. Therefore, it’s no surprise that “SaaS is expected to grow sharply to nearly one-quarter (23%) of all enterprise workloads by mid-2018,” according to 451 Research. Effective SaaS sales professionals are learning to adjust to these changes.

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January 23rd, 2018

Selling the Cloud: Modern Solutions to Selling SaaS

selling the cloud

The complexity surrounding SaaS sales and software buying decisions is increasing. The reason: traditional software models based on one-time, upfront licensing fees have evolved to SaaS cloud solutions. Now, pricing is pay-as-you-go. Therefore, buyers expect value that extends beyond the closing of the sale. This change in the software market means that professionals selling the cloud need to redesign their approach to buyers. However, the buyers are also changing.

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January 11th, 2018

8 Ways to Measure Sales Training Impact

impact of sales training

Competition in sales continues to escalate. In response, more businesses are renewing their focus on sales performance initiatives. However, these directives leave little time for the most critical step: measurement. Even the best sales performance intentions will fall flat without measurement.

After decades of working with sales organizations across industries, we’ve determined a core group of eight sales metrics. These measurements are critical for getting an actionable read on how they’re performing as an organization, which is driven, in part, by sales performance initiatives. Some organizations will only need to use a few of these. Others may need them all. Here, we take a closer look at how each one works and why they matter.

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January 9th, 2018

Increase Margins with Sharper Negotiation Skills

increase margins through successful sales negotiations

Sales leaders and business leaders are constantly chasing more business opportunities in the race to reach their number. However, more selling isn’t the only answer. Some are discovering that smarter selling can accomplish more. With sharper negotiation skills, sellers can preserve or even increase margins of the sales that they earn in order to make each closing count.

Effective negotiating occurs throughout the selling process. Sellers do this by shaping the customer’s perception of value and working to understand their needs. The result is a mutually beneficial outcome that allows for future business. Here, we look at a few specific negotiating skills that sellers can develop in order to increase the margins of their sales.

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January 4th, 2018

Complimentary Webinar – Volume Doesn’t Equal Value: Unlock the Potential of Inside Sales with Consultative Telephone Selling

Consultative Telephone Selling

Join Richardson and AA-ISP as we kick off the New Year with a complimentary webinar, Volume Doesn’t Equal Value: Unlock the Potential of Inside Sales with Consultative Telephone Selling.

Inside Sales is quickly becoming the engine of growth for businesses today. Advancements in sales and marketing automation mean that sellers can reach more customers in less time. However, volume doesn’t equal value. Winning the sale still requires compelling solutions that connect with deeper customer needs.

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