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January 10th, 2014

Maintaining the Sales Machine


Maintaining the Sales Machine

In their November 2013 Harvard Business Review article Dismantling the Sales Machine Brent Adamson, Matthew Dixon, and Nicholas Toman of the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) assert that “Leaders must abandon their fixation on (sales) process compliance.”  In place of “disciplined sales process” they favor a flexible approach to sales in which salespeople rely on their own insight and judgment.  That they find sales process  discipline and a sales force capable of insight and judgment incompatible seems untenable. 

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May 1st, 2013

Not Just Another Trade Show: Convert Leads into Results


Although attendance at trade shows has decreased, trade shows continue to attract key providers and serious buyers.  What’s happening with trade shows parallels what has happened in selling.  With a click, buyers can learn about your company and your competitors’ products.  So why do they continue to come to trade shows?  What is it they are looking for in one of the last bastions of face-to-face marketing?  The answer is clear: ideas, insights, collaboration, and the connection that comes with a handshake.

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April 29th, 2013

Trusted Advisor 2.0

Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor 2.0

A few years ago, I identified the ten characteristics of a Trusted Advisor.  As I look back at that list, I see it has become more like the price of admission.  With the radical changes that have taken place in the selling landscape, while every one of the ten attributes remain valid, they are no longer sufficient.

What has remained true through time however, are the two words themselves: trusted and advisor.  But what these words mean and why they are so essential today has changed. 

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April 10th, 2013

Lessons from the Bully Coach


The scandal at Rutgers overshadowed  most other sports news this past week.  Questions are still being asked.  How long had this treatment been going on?  Why did it take a video for someone to speak out?  The reputation of the university has suffered and four men so far have lost their jobs, starting with the dismissal of Mike Rice, the men’s head basketball coach, who had taken a downtrodden team to victory for the players and now disgrace for the school.   

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April 8th, 2013

You’ve Made your Final Presentation – Now What?


Great news! You’ve made your final presentation and your customer has let you know you are one of two finalists. The customer started with 38 providers, narrowed that down to six, and invited three to make presentations to a group of 11 stakeholders. The customer will advise you of the decision in one week. The opportunity is large and strategically important. What will you do over the week to increase your odds of winning?

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