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October 11th, 2013

Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation: Make Messaging More Personal

Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation: Make Messaging More Personal?

Behind the scenes, marketing is tracking campaigns and sending leads to sales reps, but sales could lose good opportunities if they don’t make a personal connection. In this video, Jim Brodo, Senior Vice President, Marketing, builds on his earlier blog post, Some Do’s and Don’ts for Better Lead Nurturing and Follow Up, to  further discuss the impact of marketing automation on the ability of reps to effectively nurture leads with a more personalized message. Please join him for this short video blog post.

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May 1st, 2013

Not Just Another Trade Show: Convert Leads into Results


Although attendance at trade shows has decreased, trade shows continue to attract key providers and serious buyers.  What’s happening with trade shows parallels what has happened in selling.  With a click, buyers can learn about your company and your competitors’ products.  So why do they continue to come to trade shows?  What is it they are looking for in one of the last bastions of face-to-face marketing?  The answer is clear: ideas, insights, collaboration, and the connection that comes with a handshake.

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March 4th, 2013

An Expert’s Perspective on Lead Generation and Executive Appointment Setting

An Expert’s Perspective on Lead Generation and Executive Appointment Setting

Lead Generation and Executive Appointment Setting

Capturing accounts is often the top objective for sales leaders. I’ve been a practitioner of content marketing and inbound lead generation for years, but I’ve always been very skeptical of the idea that outbound prospecting is dead. We all know how annoying it can be to get stalked by overly aggressive sales reps that have no clue about what you really need. However, there has to be some middle ground.

The practices below may not be for everyone. However, the takeaways should provoke some thought for how you generate leads and opportunities to drive new business in your organization.

Key Takeaways

1. The typical inside sales rep makes 67 dials per day, but the average “best of breed” inside sales rep will make 190 dials per day.

2. 500 leads worked for 1 month should yield 40 conversations

3. The best follow-up or nurturing e-mails are basic text emails — three sentences, three lines long, sent at 3p.m. This is his recommended format:

Hi <insert prospect name>. I understand you oversee <insert function> at <insert company>. I would like to talk to you about <insert offering or issue> to understand if you have this <need or challenge> in your organization. Are you available for a 30 minute call to see if there is a fit?

4. You are ten times more likely to reach an inbound lead during the first hour following lead » Continue Reading.

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