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August 10th, 2017

Selling in the Manufacturing Industry

selling in the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing is the driver of innovation and emerging technologies. Richardson has partnered with some of the leading global manufacturing companies to provide comprehensive solutions based on a deep knowledge of this industry. While there are nuances specific to various manufacturing segments, this report will provide insights into the global trends including:

Growth by Acquisition: While organic growth is slow in this industry, expansion through acquisition is on the rise. Global organizations are making gains by acquiring companies, thereby widening their footprints. Sales Through Distribution Channels: Buyers, influenced by channels, often dictate the marketing strategy of a company. The industry norm of using a distribution model is growing amid efforts to minimize overhead and stay competitive. Innovation Driving Globalization: Companies are constantly seeking new markets. Therefore, leaders need to invest their money with a focus on the best potential growth. This growth begins with a focus on innovation. Sales opportunities based on innovation are becoming a driving force for global growth. Sales Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

These strategic shifts are becoming the focus for many manufacturing companies facing challenges like differentiation, and market share preservation. Here’s a look at some of those challenges, with insights on how to overcome them.

Consistency in Sales Approach

The reach for growth via acquisition is creating new complexities. Imagine one global organization, acquiring five different companies. Each company introduces five distinctive processes and five unique (and sometimes conflicting) sales methodologies. As a result, pricing » Continue Reading.

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