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January 28th, 2016

Your Sales Dialogue Wowed the CEO

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But, Did Your Follow-up Ruin the Deal?

As CEO of Richardson, I head an organization focused on helping other organizations improve their sales execution. And, as a CEO, I am continually the target of prospecting calls and e-mails by sales professionals who base their approach solely on my position.

In my two previous posts — So, You Want to Sell to the C-suite? and So, You Got in to See the CEO. — I shared reflections on what works and what doesn’t. Now, I want to talk about the sales dialogue itself and follow-up.

Listen well.

Gaining access to the C-suite is not an invitation to launch into a soliloquy where you talk entirely about yourself and your organization. You’re there to start a relationship, and what goes a long way in building relationships is making the prospect feel truly heard. In our time-tested and proven Richardson consultative selling methodology-speak, listening is one of the Six Critical Skills in selling. Simply put, listening is the ability to concentrate on meaning, and when listening at the highest level, you are fully engaged and fostering effective sales dialogue.

As a proponent of the importance of listening in the sales process, I expect sellers to focus on what I say and to be attentive. If you’ve gotten my time, don’t miss the chance to actively listen to the information I am providing you. Too often, I am surprised by » Continue Reading.

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February 17th, 2014

Overcoming The Fear of Selling to the CFO


Overcoming The Fear of Selling to the CFO

Anyone know a good Chief Financial Officer (CFO) joke they’d like to share?

Here’s one. Joe managed a large account that required him to interact periodically with that company’s CFO.  Joe dreaded these meetings, and would prepare meticulously with spreadsheets, slide shows, and any other supporting material imaginable. One day Joe gets a call from his day-to-day contact in the account informing him that a scheduled meeting would need to be postponed because the CFO had a heart attack. To which Joe replied, “You mean he has a heart?”

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