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March 11th, 2013

Essential Social Media Issues Companies in Financial Services and Regulated Industries Must Consider

Few people need to be convinced of the prevalence of social media and the opportunity it presents to connect with and open a dialogue with friends — or in the case of businesses, buyers and influencers. What is less certain, however, is how some industries — especially those that are strictly regulated — can go about adopting and deploying a social media strategy.

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March 1st, 2013

12 Social Media Selling Activities That Drive New Business & Grow Accounts

social media selling techniques that work

Richardson recently conducted an extensive survey of over 500 sales reps to learn more about their social media selling practices and their perceived effectiveness. The results so far, which we are still in the process of analyzing and which we’ll release in early March, have been shocking. In spite of all the hype over social media and social media selling, organizations and sales reps are really struggling to deliver value from social media selling activities.

Allow us to share some quick wins to help you or your sales reps get on track to executing the basics well. Even if you’re a technology laggard and a latecomer to the social media selling game, below are 12 easy, but very high-impact social media activities to support new business development and strategic account management activities.

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August 29th, 2012

8 Easy & Effective Online Marketing Activities for Sales Pros

Online Marketing

The Internet has forever changed the way companies interact with prospects and customers. And as Web technologies evolve, so do these interactions. Just think about what you do when faced with a buying decision. You go online to check features, prices, various vendors, and product reviews. It doesn’t matter whether you’re considering the purchase of something for the home — a TV, lawn mower, car — or for business.

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