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November 29th, 2016

Team Selling Today

Who are those people on the other side of the conference table? Why are they there? Why do more of my key sales meetings seem like they involve a cast of many? And why does “my guy” seem more and more powerless? Team selling today is no longer just required for blockbuster B2B sales pitches. Whether you are a B2C home remodeler, financial advisor or surgeon; or a B2B consultant, money manager or technology provider, pivotal meetings with clients and prospects more often now involve more people – on both sides of the table.

The purpose of this post is to spotlight what’s driving this dynamic, and what you can do to adapt to this reality.

Defining Team Selling

I define team selling as when two or more people from an organization (and its affiliates or co-selling partners) join forces at a customer touchpoint, in-person or virtual, to advance an opportunity or retain an account.

Why Team Selling is Becoming More Common

You’re a good salesperson, so why the need to involve others?

Here are some examples of recent developments that have impacted how your customers make buying decisions:

Mobile communication and Wi-Fi Crowd-sourced reviews (i.e., Yelp) On-line discussion forums (i.e., LinkedIn interest groups) 2008-09 financial crisis

The first three technology advances enable customers to gain information about their options – faster and without you. The fourth event, The Great Recession, created mistrust and » Continue Reading.

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August 25th, 2014

Why Successful Team Selling Is Like a Game of Jenga

Why Successful Team Selling Is Like a Game of Jenga

There are several reasons that can prompt you to sell in teams to land new business or retain existing accounts. How you assemble and manage those teams can have a tremendous impact on their success.

It is important to recognize when individual sales reps may no longer have the necessary skills or expertise. Many industries have experienced growth, evolution, and specialization, which makes it more challenging for generalist sales reps to keep up and maintain their expertise. It is common for sales reps selling within an industry to have worked in that sector earlier in their career. But while the basics remain the same, the longer they’re on the outside looking in, they risk losing touch and expertise with the nuances that have emerged. Rather than putting these sales reps out to pasture, partner them with appropriate subject matter experts.

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