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August 4th, 2016

Making Sales Coaching Visible, Practical, and Accountable

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According to Aberdeen Research, coached teams achieve 15% higher lead conversion rates and 14% shorter sales cycles than teams that are not coached (Aberdeen, 2014) … but we don’t really need research to justify coaching — it’s intuitive to anyone in sales. With almost universal acknowledgement and such obvious benefits, one would think that sales coaching would be a science by now. Unfortunately for our sellers, it is not. The typical sales organization struggles mightily to build a consistent and effective sales coaching program. When coaching fails, we tend to throw frontline sales managers under the bus, but in our experience, the problem is broader and so is the solution. There are three typical reasons for failed sales coaching programs:

Lack of visibility at the top Lack of practical processes and tools in the middle Lack of accountability on the frontlines.

The key to building a successful coaching program is to address all three levels simultaneously.

Signs of a Poor Sales Coaching Program

The tell-tale sign of a poor coaching program is a sales leader who has no idea when, where, or even if coaching is taking place in his/her organization. Visibility is essential to execution, not only because it fosters accountability, but because execution needs direction, and direction is only possible when leaders have insight into the behaviors of their teams. Ultimately, good coaching programs require » Continue Reading.

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July 23rd, 2014

New Research – Best-in-Class Sales Training Reinforcement


New Research from Aberdeen Highlights Best-in-Class Sales Training Reinforcement

Most of us appreciate that ongoing professional development is essential to success in this rapidly changing and ultra-competitive market. Basic skills need to be reinforced, and new knowledge, skills, and experience must be acquired to stay at the top of your game. Training is important but must be reinforced and sustained to make a lasting impact. We’ve heard it all before, but we don’t always invest the necessary time and effort into sustainment to really make a difference.

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April 16th, 2014

Richardson Partners with SAVO to Maximize Sales Training Investments

Maximize Sales Training Investments

Richardson Partners with SAVO to Maximize Sales Training Investments

Richardson is very excited to formally announce a partnership with SAVO, the market leader in sales enablement. Together, the two companies have developed SAVO Sales Process Pro Richardson Edition™, an application that allows sales and marketing leaders to reinforce training and execute best practices through coaching at each stage of the sales cycle. Integrating seamlessly with CRM solutions, the application helps to improve productivity and sales forecasts and ensure overall deal quality.

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November 22nd, 2013

Learning and Development Leaders: Welcome to Your New Job in Sales – Part 1


Learning and Development Leaders: Welcome to Your New Job in Sales

Sales?  Learning and development professionals… in Sales?  Perhaps frightening to some, but there’s some truth to it.

While it’s tempting to defer to the hyperbole that “we’re all in sales,” meaning that we all represent our companies and are responsible for growing them, that’s not what I mean.  I’m also not just referring to those in sales training roles. I’m talking about the “Dan Pink” version of “we’re all in sales,” from his book “To Sell is Human,” meaning, that we’re constantly selling ideas and influencing, persuading, and convincing others (especially our colleagues and organizational leaders), to do what we think is best. (We diverge from Pink’s opinion somewhat, because unless you’re a sales professional with a quota, a pipeline, and likely a good portion of your income at risk based on your performance, it is NOT the same, but Pink is certainly correct that many of the dialogue, communication, and influence skills are the same.)

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August 14th, 2013

Making Sales Training Stick: Building a Continuous Learning Environment

Making Sales Training Stick: Building a Continuous Learning Environment

You know the feeling. You’re driving in your car, trying to get where you’re going, but are frustratingly slowed by every traffic light on the road. Oh how you’d rather be on a smooth highway, free of traffic lights (and traffic) and motoring on toward your destination unimpeded. Sound familiar?

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