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January 28th, 2013

A Deep Dive into ADKAR Change Management

Change Management

Sustaining Change Management: A Deeper Dive into ADKAR Training

When we help a client invest in sales training, we know that they’re not merely interested in producing a successful event for their employees. They want the training to drive a greater change within the team, function, or organization. The training itself is merely the tip of the iceberg — the greater challenge is to influence a lasting change beyond the sales training.

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November 12th, 2012

Leading Your Sales Organization through a Change Management Program

Sales Organizations

Leading Your Sales Organization through a Change Management Program

The most difficult part of change management isn’t coming up with new great ideas — it’s getting people to change their behaviors. How can sales leaders manage the people side of change to achieve the required business outcomes?

Businesses change and evolve, the pace and frequency of which vary depending upon the scale and scope of the change. As the leader of the sales organization, it’s your job to ensure that your sales teams and sales reps follow suit and comply with the new way of doing things. Otherwise, it’ll be your job.

Most changes that impact the sales organization involve modifications to processes (e.g., the sales process), documents (e.g., order entry forms), and roles and responsibilities (who does what during the post-sale implementation). As sales leader, it’s your responsibility to identify the best practices to be implemented. Change management programs help you get your people to engage and sustain effort in actually making those best practices part of their regular routine.

Sales people are paid to go out and sell, which should be their primary focus. You need to minimize distractions and make sure that they have the necessary tools, resources, incentives, and support to succeed. However, sales reps also need to realize that they work for a company, not for themselves, and that the company has specific goals, objectives, processes, and preferred ways of doing things. It might not always » Continue Reading.

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September 26th, 2012

4 Steps to Get Your Sales Reps Selling Your Way

Sales Reps

 4 Steps to Get Your Sales Reps Selling Your Way

There’s typically no shortage of ideas and opinions within a group of people, from a company’s managers and leaders down to the sales reps on the front line. But once a strategy has been agreed upon and the steps to execute that strategy are outlined, everyone needs to follow that plan and give it a chance to succeed. If only some follow the plan, then you’ll likely have confusion, frustration, and failure.

It’s important to rein in loose cannons and get your sales reps to sell the way you’ve prescribed for them as best suits your strategy. How can you get your sales reps selling your way? Here are four steps that can help you to weed out rogue sales reps and help them get with the program and stop being a distraction.

1.       Define a clear sales strategy and stay the course.

While there may be good ideas, there is often a lack of understanding about executing strategy. People tend to do too much without really understanding what’s required to execute or the impact on various interdependencies within the organization.

There’s also a tendency to try the flavor of the month — I call it “managing by magazine” or now “managing by blog post.” (You can probably tell when your boss has been reading too many in-flight magazines.) People and organizations can only handle so much change before burning » Continue Reading.

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