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October 27th, 2015

More buyers are buying than being sold, so dig deep into buying motives


In every sales training class that I facilitate, I start by telling participants that they may consider my background either lucky or unfortunate for them. That’s because I’m not a “professional” trainer. What I am is a professional salesperson, with 30 years of experience under my belt. The last 15 of those years were spent as a senior vice president of sales in the IT services industry.

With this background, I have witnessed just about every sales scenario imaginable. And because I was responsible for premier accounts — those that billed in the top 40 — I developed an expert ability to deal with large, complex sales with long buying cycles.

During my career, I have also witnessed dramatic changes in B2B selling, as the availability of information has created more sophisticated and informed buyers. In my sales days, customers relied on me to provide them with information. Now, customers want salespeople to validate information that they’ve discovered on their own.

The way I describe today’s selling environment is that “more buyers are buying than being sold.” We have all seen these numbers previously, but they are worth communicating again. According to SiriusDecisions, buyers now digitally complete 67% of their decision processes before ever contacting a salesperson. Forrester Research goes even further, citing that 60% to 90% of the buyer’s journey occurs before he/she ever engages a potential provider.

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January 7th, 2013

5 Strategies for Changing Customer Buying Behavior

Customer Buying Behavior

Customer buying behavior is changing. As a result, you must assess the ability of your sales team to adapt, serve, and exceed these evolving expectations.

Trends in Customer Buying Behavior

Informed Consumers Are Empowered Buyers

Technology and consumers’ willingness to share information and opinions has dramatically influenced buyer behavior in recent years. However, the nature and pace continues to evolve. Consider the following examples:

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