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March 17th, 2015

Why Consultative Selling Is Still Relevant


Why Consultative Selling Is Still Relevant

There will always be someone proclaiming that their New! Improved! sales model tops all others in getting through to today’s ultra-informed B2B buyer and in winning deals. Maybe it’s the pressure and stress of an increasingly competitive business environment that creates a kind of desperation around the search for new answers.

In looking for the next silver bullet for successful sales, we must be cautious not to get distracted from proven fundamentals.

Sellers do not need a radically new way of selling that contradicts or retires the principles of consultative selling. The goal of consultative selling is to focus on client needs vs. your product to ensure that your solution is relevant. If being relevant to clients still matters, then consultative selling, by definition, is still relevant.

We must remember that the philosophy, underlying psychology, and skills of consultative selling are timeless. They enable the seller to deeply understand the client’s unique situation and to tailor a solution that is in the client’s best interest by approaching the buying situation through the client’s eyes — and in doing so, the seller earns the client’s trust and business.

What is different today, in light of changes in the selling environment, is the need for sellers to have a higher-order level of skill in consultative selling to effectively leverage their knowledge, experience, and expertise to engage clients in insightful dialogue.

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April 23rd, 2014

Six Critical Skills for Successful Sales Conversations

Successful Sales Conversations

Six Critical Skills for Successful Sales Conversations

Fundamental communication and persuasion skills that flex as needed during a sales conversation

There are numerous factors and variables that go into a sale or selling situation. Many of those are beyond the sales rep’s control or influence, but the one aspect that is absolutely in the rep’s control and can make or break the sale is the conversation.

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March 15th, 2013

Testing the Follow-up on Content-based Marketing Campaigns: Companies are Falling Flat


Testing the follow-up on Content-based Marketing Campaigns: Companies are Falling Flat

Content-based marketing is on the rise. It’s expected to represent 35% of the marketing budget in 2013, which, according to the latest estimates, is up 84% from 2012.

Companies are having no problem cranking out content-based marketing campaigns — with information aimed at positively influencing a customer in some way — but they seem to struggle with follow-up and nurturing leads.

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