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November 3rd, 2015

Sales Tips and Techniques: Getting in the Door to Sell in Today’s Environment

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Five Quick Sales Tips to Sell More Effectively

In Part I  of this series, I talked about the changing sales environment and how more buyers are buying than being sold. In Part II, my focus turned to the need for salespeople to dig deep into buying motives to establish credibility and provide new ideas and insights to buyers. Now, it’s time to turn to some sales tips and techniques for selling in today’s environment.

I don’t want to say that cold calling is dead, but it certainly has changed dramatically. Salespeople used to be able to call a prospect who had never before expressed an interest and get a few minutes of their time. Sometimes, they could just show up at their office and gain entrance. That rarely happens today.

Since the advent of Caller ID, it’s never been easier to ignore incoming phone calls. Salespeople are then left with the question: Do I leave a message or just hang up? Even leaving a voicemail is little guarantee of a callback, so many don’t even bother. I used to get 50 voicemails a day; now I don’t even get 50 a month.

The secret to getting in the door is to find a hook that resonates with the prospect. Here are some more sales tips and techniques that may help.

Cultivate your network. Salespeople need to have an ecosystem in place to build and leverage their connections. I » Continue Reading.

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