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October 11th, 2013

Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation: Make Messaging More Personal

Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation: Make Messaging More Personal?

Behind the scenes, marketing is tracking campaigns and sending leads to sales reps, but sales could lose good opportunities if they don’t make a personal connection. In this video, Jim Brodo, Senior Vice President, Marketing, builds on his earlier blog post, Some Do’s and Don’ts for Better Lead Nurturing and Follow Up, to  further discuss the impact of marketing automation on the ability of reps to effectively nurture leads with a more personalized message. Please join him for this short video blog post.

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July 19th, 2013

Lead Follow Up Strategy Do’s and Don’ts


Lead nurturing and lead follow up are crucial steps in content marketing – from strategy to process to the overall program.

Organizations are spending significant dollars to develop content with the hopes of building awareness, strengthening thought leadership, and driving leads. Here are some critical do’s and don’ts for becoming more efficient and effective in your lead nurturing and follow-up strategy. And, who knows, you may even better align marketing and sales along the way.

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May 1st, 2013

Not Just Another Trade Show: Convert Leads into Results


Although attendance at trade shows has decreased, trade shows continue to attract key providers and serious buyers.  What’s happening with trade shows parallels what has happened in selling.  With a click, buyers can learn about your company and your competitors’ products.  So why do they continue to come to trade shows?  What is it they are looking for in one of the last bastions of face-to-face marketing?  The answer is clear: ideas, insights, collaboration, and the connection that comes with a handshake.

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March 15th, 2013

Testing the Follow-up on Content-based Marketing Campaigns: Companies are Falling Flat


Testing the follow-up on Content-based Marketing Campaigns: Companies are Falling Flat

Content-based marketing is on the rise. It’s expected to represent 35% of the marketing budget in 2013, which, according to the latest estimates, is up 84% from 2012.

Companies are having no problem cranking out content-based marketing campaigns — with information aimed at positively influencing a customer in some way — but they seem to struggle with follow-up and nurturing leads.

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