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March 12th, 2014

Avoiding 9 Common Traps of Selling with Insights Part II


9 Common Traps of Selling with Insights and How to Avoid Them – Part II

In part I of 9 Common Traps of Selling with Insights and How to Avoid Them, I introduced the first 5 traps to avoid when selling with insights. To review, they were:

Preparation Trap – Don’t be cavalier; thoroughly research the insight and target client to be ready. Paralysis-by-Analysis Trap – Research is critical, but don’t undertake PhD-level examination on the topic; once you have enough to get the dialogue going with confidence, act on it. Credibility Trap – Make sure that the insight is legitimate and that you are capable of resolving the issue or taking advantage of the opportunity. Arrogance Trap – Especially when introducing an “unknown” insight, be sure not to come across as superior and condescending; if you want the client to trust and hire you, then you need to be someone they feel comfortable with. Dialogue Trap – Following the previous point, be sure that you don’t show up to lecture the client; structure your insight in such a way that it raises points and promotes healthy discussion.

Each of the above traps may seem obvious, but following through – or more specifically, avoiding them – is often easier said than done. Here are the remaining common traps and suggestions for avoiding them.

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