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September 18th, 2013

10 Factors that Drive Sales Performance


Adapted from interview with Dario Priolo, Chief Strategy Officer for Richardson and Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer for Brandon Hall Group

Part three of our series on applying key practices in learning and development to drive sales performance.

Just like people and snowflakes, no two companies are alike. And by extension, no sales organization is identical. And before you ask, there is no magic bullet formula to set your sales organization on the right path or cure all ills. There are too many variables, both internal and external, to be considered.

So when asking the question, “What drives high-performing sales teams?” you can certainly expect different answers, or at least differing priorities, among a range of responses. However, there are best practices and principles to guide you on your way towards improving your salesforce. Following is a list of our top 10 areas that contribute to driving – and if done poorly, draining – sales performance.

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December 6th, 2012

5 Best Practices for Sales Compensation Management

Sales Compensation

Best Practices for Sales Compensation Management: Start by Aligning Finance and Sales

A Guest Post by Chris Newton, Xactly Corporation

Sales compensation and incentive plans are intended to motivate sales reps, to incent them to perform to their full potential in alignment with the business’s goals. But do those compensation and incentive plans — or the systems and processes used to implement them — do what they are designed to do? Does your plan backfire and frustrate sales reps rather than get them to sell more?

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