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December 10th, 2012

6 Best Practices for High-volume Sales Hiring to Support Rapid Growth

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6 Best Practices for High-volume Sales Hiring to Support Rapid Growth

What Makes High-volume Sales Hiring Unique?

Hiring is a part of any sizable business’s daily routine. The companies with the best HR functions help hiring managers find and select sales candidates with the best fit for the job, usually coming with something to offer as well as room for personal growth and development.

What about situations that require high-volume hiring with a goal to hire hundreds of sales people within a short period of time (often a calendar quarter)? There are many reasons for such ramp-ups, including:

Adding a new business unit Expanding into a new territory Keeping up with fast-paced growth Needing a dedicated sales force to sell a new product or service Wanting to upgrade your talent en masse

Recruiting, selecting, and onboarding large armies can be time-consuming and a strain on already tight resources. To be successful in high-volume sales hiring, follow these steps

1) Raise Awareness of Your Company and Open Positions.

The first step in high-volume sales hiring is raising awareness in your industry, region, or functional area. You want the market to know that your company has a large number of openings that it is trying to fill right away. This sends a positive message that business is strong and that you need more talent to keep up with rising demand.

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