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October 22nd, 2012

How Often Should Learning and Sales Leaders Meet to Yield the Best Results?

Sales Leaders and Learning Leaders

Most strategic change initiatives within the sales organization involve some level of training for sales reps. The training could involve learning new processes, skills, or tools that will impact sales productivity. But, how well training is deployed and sustained can spell success or failure for your initiative.

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September 7th, 2012

Don’t Expect Off-the-Shelf Sales Training to Drive Your Custom Sales Strategy!

sales strategy

Companies are like people and snowflakes: they may look and act similarly, but each one is distinctly different from the other. Remember this comparison as your organization embarks on its next change.

You might think that I’m wrong because identical twins look, well, exactly the same. But what makes them unique is their thought processes and behaviors. In this sense, companies can look like twins yet are still very different. You could have multiple companies operating in the same industry doing the same things, yet achieving dramatically different results. This would be true from fast food (McDonald’s and Burger King) to home improvement (Home Depot and Lowe’s) to technology (Microsoft and Apple) and any other sector.

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August 23rd, 2012

25 Questions to Guide Your Company through Strategic Change

Strategic Change

25 Questions to Guide Your Company through Strategic Change

When making strategic changes in your organization, the implications can range from miniscule to far reaching depending on the initiative. The changes could be triggered by market trends or forces, technology, competition, the economy, or the simple (yet complicated) need to shake things up.

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