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September 6th, 2013

7 Tips for Effective Sales Training Programs

effective sales training

What Makes Up Effective Sales Team Training

Adapted from an interview with Dario Priolo, Chief Strategy Officer for Richardson and Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer for Brandon Hall Group Part one our series on applying key practices in learning and development to effective sales training

Listing ingredients implies that they are part of a recipe, which of course can be literal or figurative. Without wasting time on prologues and previews, we know you’re hungry to learn about the 7 essential ingredients in effective sales training programs. The ingredients can be easily categorized by pre-training, the training itself, and post-training.

Pre Sales Team Training

1. Align sales training methods with your business strategy, goals, and needs.

What is your strategy and how does the sales training help to support the organization’s strategic objectives? At the end of the day, what is the behavior that you are hoping to drive? How do you want your sales reps to change the way they do things? What do you want them to actually do in order to achieve the desired outcome?

If you can’t easily answer these questions or connect your sales training to the needs and priorities of the company, then you should modify it or scratch it altogether. Don’t waste precious time, effort, and energy on tangential diversions. Instead, be able to connect the dots for the trainees as well as senior management to » Continue Reading.

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August 20th, 2013

Video Blog – Selling With Insights: How Can Sales Provide More Value to Clients?


 Selling With Insights: How Can Sales Provide More Value to Clients?

In preparation for a conversation with the client, sales reps must be aware that the client already knows a lot. To differentiate the business, sales reps should bring new value added ideas to the discussion. In this video, Selling With Insights: How can sales provide more value to clients, Richardson’s Dario Priolo, Chief Strategy Officer, offers practical advice to sales about the process of providing value to highly informed clients.

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